Through strategic work, our management will constantly prioritize efforts to minimize environmental impact on the surrounding community. Thus, any strategy and business plan will include considerations regarding the use of best available technology, resource consumption and sustainability.

It is our ambition to emerge as a sustainable and environmentally conscious company that through our active work will purposefully contribute to the fulfillment of the UN’s World Goals, as an active member of the UN Global Compact.

It is important for us to BE

  • well-informed in our environmental and work environment work
    on current and future legal, industry and customer requirements, so that we can meet these requirements through our organization and organization of processes

  • compliant with all laws and regulatory requirements applicable to our business
    we strive to continuously reduce the environmental impact of our activities

  • working with environmental and working environment conditions will act proactively – quickly and efficiently as well as systematic work with prevention and ongoing follow-up on implemented improvements

  • complying with UN Global Compact principles and guidelines