SOLVANG manufactures stainless steel components for food contact machines and equipment.

Lock rings ø120 316 steel, electro polished and with surface Ra 0.5

Machine parts with traceability

We are an approved partner

Manufacturers of food, oils and meat products use our customers' processing technologies to stay at the forefront of their markets.

At SOLVANG, processes, finishes and certificates are important, including traceability and surface.

Traceability from your order to our purchase of 3.1b materials is registered online in our Tracelink system unloaded directly from our subcontractors. We can track materials from arrival to shipping.

Our production complies with the regulations in
EN 1935/2004 / EC and 2023/2006 / EC and Executive Order 1248.

Materials and articles, including active and intelligent materials and articles, manufactured in accordance with GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) and comply with the provisions of FDA CFR 21-177.2600, under normal or predictable conditions of use they do not release ingredients into food in quantities may present or cause hazards.

Registreret at the Danish Veterinary and Food, part of Denmark's Ministry of Food's SMILEY platform

SOLVANG refers to our registration with the Danish Veterinary and Food Administration for the production of food contact material production. Steel grades covered are authentic and ferritic stainless steels according to EN 10088-1 grades 1.4301, 1.4404, 1.4021, which are delivered with 3.1b certificate.