The purpose of our strategy plan 2023 is to have a strong navigation tool for the board, management and employees that ensures our culture, business development and growth.


SOLVANG works with constant improvements and visual management, among other things via board meetings

Strategi Plan 2023 er et helt centralt og dynamisk værktøj, der bruges aktivt af bestyrelse og ledelse, for at navigere og sikre vores agilitet og synlige værdiskabelse til vores kunder og kunders beslutningstagere. 

Strategy Plan 2023 is a completely central and dynamic plan that is actively used by the board and management to navigate and ensure our agility and visible value creation for our customers and customers’ decision makers.


We have been successful in inviting our customers very close to our strategy and defining common desires for sustainability and competition improvements. Close collaboration minimizes barriers and anchors opportunities at multiple management levels.

Jørgen Bille Larsen



Our strategic goals include:

  • to be an agile and visible company with the best industrial technicians, where we work actively to attract, retain and develop employees
  • to support our customers in addressing and improving their value challenges
  • to ensure unique delivery security
  • to develop product portfolio in teamwork with customers
  • to maintain and free up funds for future investments