VERSATILE TURNING - New heavy duty

performance machines

CNC specialists in complex turning 10-4000 mm, diameter ø570

passion for steel

SOLVANG specializes in the machining of larger components for food contact machine parts  and the manufacturing industry. Our new machine park, combined with craftsmanship skills, enables us to deliver critical and traceable components, with certifications that match compliance requirements. Explore more today.

Machining and craftmanship

Connecting our technical competencies with our customers’ markets and products requires the most skilled employees. Motivation and cultivation of competencies is an important part of our culture.

"in action": video of machining

See our new heavy duty turning machines from WEILER. Our machine park is versatile and growing with new machines that are energy friendly in line with the company’s ISO 14001 environmental policy.

Performance to agreements

ISO 9001:2015 quality management. We use targeted online systems to ensure systematics and an overview of improvement proposals, standards, processes, policies, deviations, controls and audits.

climate og responsibility - we must take joint actions

Traceability 100%

All digital registrations in one system. Authorities or customers require documentation of which materials are included in the production – regardless of whether it is due to health / food and safety, environmental considerations, durability or other conditions.

Environment and CSR integrated

We live in a world where resources are scarce and the climate is fragile. We think green – and act green, as we want to contribute even more in transformations towards sustainable production and responsibility. SOLVANG works actively with the environment and CSR.

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SOLVANG’s priorities are the motivation, health and safety of our employees as well as maintaining the continuity of our business.

Our manufactured components play an integrated role in our customers’  products, which is why our craftsmanship must be maintained together with our digital progress.

In these challenging times, we at SOLVANG are committed to supporting our industrial customers locally and globally in uninterrupted, efficient productions and services.

passion for steel